About QUI

The QUI system was created by the Hollenberg Group at the University of Melbourne.

As an outreach activity we have provided this version of the QUI for general access. We will endeavour to add more tutorial material in the near future and possibly extend the public version depending on demand (and our server resources).

We are currently incorporating new features into the next version of the QUI. If you are interested in using an expanded version of the QUI (fee access), please contact us through the feedback page.


The QUI Team:

  • Prof. Lloyd Hollenberg

    Prof. Lloyd Hollenberg

    Project leader, original concept and design

  • Dr. Charles Hill

    Dr. Charles Hill

    Design, quantum computer simulator

  • Aidan Dang

    Aidan Dang

    QUI web front end/back end, QUI simulation engine, design

  • Alex Zable

    Alex Zable

    QUI app programming, web backend, design

  • Matt Davis

    Matt Davis

    QUI app programming, design

  • Daniel Sutherland

    Daniel Sutherland

    QUI app programming

  • Dr. Melissa Makin

    Dr. Melissa Makin

    QUI web interface, administration

  • Dr. Uli Felzmann

    Dr. Uli Felzmann

    QUI web infrastructure, administration

  • Sam Tonetto

    Sam Tonetto

    Quantum simulation

  • Gary Mooney

    Gary Mooney

    Quantum simulation

  • Greg White

    Greg White

    Quantum simulation

About the banner image: Snap-shot of the quantum state during Shor’s quantum factoring algorithm showing how states representing binary numbers and their probabilities evolve (image credit: M. Davis, G. White, and A. Dang).

This initiative was partly funded by the University of Melbourne’s support for the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (2011-2017).

Copyright 2018 University of Melbourne.